We would like to thank the businesses and individuals who help support the club ever year.  Please help us thank the businesses by patronizing them as well. Thank you! To view the list of businesses and individuals, please click the button below.


February 9 Gun Bash Boston Spectrum
 April 6 Cabin Fever Shoot/Chili Cook Off
April 26 - 28 Boy Scout Weekend (Ranges Closed)


We now offer Chuck-A-Luck Wheel rental as well as black jack table rental.  The chuck-a-luck is a 60inch wheel and comes with stand and all layouts.  These item rentals are for entertainment purposes only.  Please contact Bill Slagy at 412-751-3426 for rental information.

Veteran Banner applications: 

Elizabeth Borough Banner Application

Elizabeth Township Banner Application

Misfired ammo is LIVE AMMO!  Please put it in the Misfired Ammo Container that is located to the right of the sign in box.