We hold many events throughout the year from sporting clay tournaments to a pig roast.  Our meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of every month.  The first Wednesday is our officers meeting and the third Wednesday is our general membership meeting. 

Membership info:

2023 MEMBERSHIP DUES ARE NOW DUE (dues must be paid for current year by April 3 to stay a member):

Active Member $30

Social Member $60

Senior Member $15

Spouse Member $10 

Junior Member $10 

To be considered an active member, you must maintain an active membership by attending 4 meetings or work 4 events (ex. work parties,gun bash,pig roast, etc.) and/or selling tickets.  If selling tickets, you must sell 4 ticket bundles (money/gun/event) and tickets will be in packs depending on the price of the ticket ($2/pack of 20, $3/pack of 15, $5/pack of 10. $10/$20/$25 ticket packs will be determined by board as to how many per pack).  We are now asking that a SEPARATE CHECK be made out for your membership dues and NRA membership. 

When mailing dues to the club for the NRA, please make the check-out to the NRA with your NRA member number on the memo line on your check and a separate note on which magazine you would like (American Hunter or American Rifleman).   The NRA dues cost for the membership with the magazine is $30.  If you do not wish to receive either magazine, make sure to enclose a note that you do not want the magazine and make the check-out to the NRA with your NRA member number on the memo line.  The dues cost without the magazine is $10.  

For the club membership, please make your check out to ETSA and make sure to write your club member number on the memo line.  If you do not write separate checks for your NRA dues and your club dues, your check will be returned. 

The membership is currently OPEN.  If the membership is ever closed and you still would like to apply to be a member, please feel free to complete an application at link below.  As memberships become available if closed, it will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Applications will be held in the order they were received.    ie. if your application is on the top of the list you will be contacted first and so on.

At this moment, this website is currently for informational purposes only and payment of dues through the website is not available.  We are looking into the possibility of making that option available in the future.

Click on button below for printable application:

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